[MIP #33] - Implementing a Dynamic Emission Schedule for dLP Lockers


This proposal is a resubmission pertaining to the original Radiant Capital RFP-35, aiming to introduce a dynamic anti-dilution emission schedule to dLP lockers. Building upon the foundation laid by RFP-33, this proposal seeks to enhance Radiant’s emissions runway and increase utilization rates by rewarding long-term commitments. The key changes from the original RFP-35 include the introduction of a linear schedule for anti-dilution emissions and ensuring that 100% of forfeited RDNT tokens remain in the qLP pool for redistribution.


The dynamic emission schedule is designed to incentivize long-term engagement and enhance liquidity within the Radiant protocol. By aligning the incentives with the gradual dilution expected from the supply adjustment terms of RFP-33, this proposal ensures sustained user investment and stability in token value. This phased distribution of rewards will help maintain the community’s interest and alignment with Radiant’s strategic goals. vlMGP holders will vote on this MIP to guide Magpie’s voting on this subject, particularly influencing Radpie’s stance on Radiant Capital’s main proposal.


Introduce a dynamic emission schedule to reward long-term dLP lockers, ensuring sustained engagement and enhanced liquidity.

For more details, please refer to Radiant Capital’s Proposal: RFP-35