[MIP #30] - Voting on Radiant's Deployment to Base


This proposal seeks the input of vlMGP holders to guide Magpie’s voting position on Radiant Capital’s RFP-36. The proposal advocates for deploying the Radiant protocol on the Base blockchain, leveraging Coinbase’s vast ecosystem to drive user acquisition and network growth. Magpie’s significant stake in vlRDP means its decision directly influences Radpie’s governance, impacting how Radpie votes on Radiant Capital’s proposals.


Endorsing Radiant Capital’s RFP-36 aligns with Magpie’s strategic objectives by expanding Radiant’s reach and increasing the protocol’s value. The Base blockchain, supported by Coinbase, promises significant network effects, including access to millions of users and robust transaction metrics. The integration is expected to attract new users, enhance yield opportunities, and stabilize the token ecosystem. This vote allows vlMGP holders to shape Magpie’s governance approach, ensuring that decisions align with their long-term investment goals and enhance the value of their holdings vlMGP.


Determine whether Magpie should vote in favor of Radiant Capital’s proposal to deploy the Radiant protocol on the Base blockchain.

You can review the details of Radiant Capital Proposal RFP-36 here:Snapshot