[RIP #7] - Establishing a Dynamic Emission Schedule for dLP Lockers


This proposal is a resubmission pertaining to the original Radiant Capital RFP-35, aiming to establish a dynamic anti-dilution emission schedule for dLP lockers within the Radiant protocol. Building upon the foundation laid by RFP-33, this proposal seeks to enhance Radiant’s emissions runway and increase utilization rates by rewarding long-term commitments. The key changes from the original RFP-35 include the introduction of a dynamic schedule for anti-dilution emissions and ensuring that 100% of forfeited RDNT tokens remain in the qLP pool for redistribution.


To further strengthen the Radiant protocol’s liquidity and user commitment, a dynamic emission schedule is proposed. This approach builds on previous efforts to enhance the protocol’s emissions runway and utilization rates. By ensuring that 100% of forfeited RDNT tokens remain within the qLP pool, the proposal aims to create a stable and engaging environment for long-term dLP lockers, aligning community incentives with the protocol’s long-term success. vlRDP holders’ input will guide how Radpie will cast its votes on the main proposal from Radiant Capital.


Introduce a dynamic emission schedule to reward long-term dLP lockers, ensuring sustained engagement and enhanced liquidity.

For more details, please refer to Radiant Capital’s Proposal: RFP-35.