[RIP#4] - Radpie's Official Position on the Dynamic Emission Schedule Proposal by Radiant Capital


This proposal requests vlRDP holders to determine Radpie’s official stance on Radiant Capital’s proposal, RFP Idea-35, which aims to implement a dynamic emission schedule for dLP lockers. This initiative is critical for enhancing the mechanisms that incentivize long-term participation and ensure token stability.


Endorsing Radiant Capital’s proposal allows Radpie to adopt a strategic initiative designed to enhance liquidity stability and encourage long-term commitments among dLP holders. Developed by Radiant, this proposal introduces a back-weighted emission schedule, specifically aimed at stabilizing the token ecosystem by rewarding sustained engagement.

As stakeholders, vlRDP holders play a pivotal role in shaping the governance of Radpie. Your vote on this matter is crucial for aligning Radpie’s strategic actions with its interests and the broader goals of the community.


Cast a vote to either endorse or reject the implementation of a new incentive structure for dLP lockers featuring a back-weighted emission schedule to reward long-term commitment.

You can review the details of Radiant Capital Proposal RFP Idea-35 here: