[MIP #29] - Voting Guidance for the Proposal on Dynamic Emission Schedules by Radiant Capital


This proposal seeks the input of vlMGP holders to guide Magpie’s voting position on Radiant Capital’s RFP Idea-35. The proposal advocates for a new dynamic back-weighted emission schedule to incentivize long-term dLP lockers. Given Magpie’s significant stake in vlRDP, its decision directly influences Radpie’s governance, which in turn affects how Radpie votes on Radiant Capital’s proposals.

The outcome will determine how Magpie leverages its voting power to reflect the strategic preferences and vision of its stakeholders ensuring that Magpie’s actions are in harmony with the preferences and strategic vision of its stakeholders.


Radiant Capital’s initiative to introduce a back-weighted emission schedule aims to boost long-term engagement. The “back-weighted” aspect of the emission schedule means that rewards increase over time, encouraging dLP lockers to maintain their positions longer to receive greater benefits later in the schedule. This strategy is designed to stabilize the protocol and increase locked liquidity, which is crucial for Radpie’s operations and, by extension, Magpie’s strategic interests This vote allows vlMGP holders to shape Magpie’s governance approach, ensuring that decisions align with their long-term investment goals and enhance the value of their holdings across the ecosystem.


Determine whether Magpie should vote in favor of Radiant Capital’s proposal to implement a dynamic back-weighted emission schedule for long-term dLP lockers.

You may read Radiant Capital’s Official Snapshot Proposal RFP Idea-35 here: