Changing rewards for vlmgp from mgp to vlmgp

Hello magpie fam, as a vlmgp holder i like to stake my mgp rewards (compound) but i cant do that very often because i have to pay the fees every time. So i was thinking about an autocompound solution, i would really love to get my mgp rewards as vlmgp so it autocompounds many times during a day something that i cant do manually (because of fees as i said before). So technically, before mgp distribution, lock mgp then distribute vlmgp.

Loyal mgp holders will autocompound their mgp.

People that want to sell their mgp will have to spend many months to sell them all, because when they unlock their mgp during the 2 month that they need to wait they will still earn more vlmgp that if they want to sell them they will need to wait 2 more months etc.


Great to have auto compounding option here.

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Thanks for your suggestion Tony! It’s always good to add more options for users.

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This will help Magpie in the long term.