Stablecoins rewards

Hello everyone, since everyone wants magpie to get more vewom in its treasury, there is a way to improve that.


Change stablecoins rewards from WOM to mWom, using smartconverter on 10% (same as vlmgp).


This is an interesting idea, it may bring more selling pressure to mWOM but is really cool, maybe its possible to offer 50% WOM and 50% mWOM to liquidity providers?

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Yes but buying too, if it is more than 10% smartconverter will be used.

those stablecoin LP might not have faith in Magpie, probably they will convert their mWOM into WOM, resulting in depeg in mWOM/WOM .

So is prefer to pay them in WOM, and they can exchange to mWOM if they like to, which will then help in maintain the peg in this way.

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