Flexible Mgp staking

Hello everyone, people who love mgp have 2 ways to earn with mgp,

  1. pcs farm but they have to split with busd and many don’t want that
  2. magpie dapp but they have to lock mgp for 2 months so if they want to make moves like selling and buying again, they cant.

So an extra feature would bring more investors :

Flexible Mgp staking pool (not locked)
Users can stake their mgp and earn rewards while they are free to move anytime.

I suggest to give to this pool 10% of the current mwom emissions, it could change mwom pool apr from 52% to 47% but create huge value for mgp so mwom’s Apr would recover fast.

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Hello, from my view i would say is better to create auto-compounding pool for vlMGP keeping the lock.

mWOM apr is so important for conversions i will prefer not to decrease it this way.