Decrease MGP emissions and change vlMGP rewards to MGP

Hi Magpie community!

As a vlMGP holder I am currently a little concerned about the MGP emissions. Our current output is at 2 MGP per second, resulting in the creation of over 60 million MGP tokens each year.

Furthermore, while liquidity providers receive vlMGP, they tend to sell most of the MGP tokens once the unlock period has ended and we are just delaying the process of the price going down by these sales.

To address these issues, I propose reducing the total emission of MGP from 2 MGP per second to 0.55/1 MGP per second and adjusting the rewards for liquidity providers from vlMGP to MGP tokens. This output would bring less than 18 million MGP/year and making these changes can attract more users and create new opportunities for Magpie moving forward as also increase the value of MGP.

In my opinion this can help maintain lower output and more flexibility by giving MGP instead of vlMGP rewards.

Much needed changes for the LPs. This changes can help Magpie integrate with other platforms that want to accumulate vlmgp. Decreasing MGP emission definitively will help, also Magpie pays WOM tokens as rewards this is good for our token.

Agree to change vlMGP rewards to MGP rewards for liquidity providers. I guess decreasing the emission will help with rewards and pricing moving on.

thank you for your perspective lets keep earning wom emissions as first income source lets put this snapshot mgp price will increase