[RIP#5] - Community Vote on Radiant Protocol Expansion to Base


This proposal requests vlRDP holders to determine Radpie’s official stance on Radiant Capital’s proposal, RFP-36, which seeks to deploy the Radiant protocol on the Base blockchain. This initiative is crucial for enhancing Radiant’s user base and network influence, leveraging Coinbase’s extensive ecosystem.


Endorsing Radiant Capital’s proposal allows Radpie to adopt a strategic initiative designed to expand Radiant’s reach and increase its financial value. The Base blockchain offers unique opportunities, such as seamless integration with Coinbase’s products and access to millions of users. This expansion aligns with current market trends and aims to attract new users and additional yield opportunities, stabilizing the token ecosystem. As stakeholders, vlRDP holders play a pivotal role in shaping the governance of Radpie. Your vote on this matter is crucial for aligning Radpie’s strategic actions with its interests and the broader goals of the community.


Cast a vote to either endorse or reject the deployment of the Radiant protocol on the Base blockchain.

You can review the details of Radiant Capital Proposal RFP-36 here: Snapshot