[RIP#3] - Vote on Radiant's weETH Onboarding proposal


This proposal seeks to define Radpie’s stance on a pivotal vote regarding the integration of weETH as a collateral and borrowing market on Radiant Capital’s platforms. By participating in this decision, vlRDP holders will directly influence Radiant’s decision to expand asset versatility and enhance liquidity solutions. This vote is crucial for aligning Radpie’s strategic interests with emerging market opportunities.


Radiant Capital’s proposal to onboard weETH represents a strategic opportunity to enhance the lending and borrowing landscape by offering a liquid restaking derivative of Ethereum. This initiative is expected to increase platform liquidity and provide users with new ways to leverage their Ethereum holdings, thus generating additional yield opportunities. By supporting this proposal, Radpie can ensure its stakeholders are well-positioned to benefit from advanced financial tools and an expanded market reach, maintaining competitiveness in the evolving DeFi sector.


This proposal invites vlRDP holders to vote on Radpie’s official position in the upcoming governance decision by Radiant Capital to adopt weETH as both collateral and borrowing market on Arbitrum and Ethereum.

You may read Radiant Capital’s Official Proposal RFP-34 here.

Please add details about the etherfi points boost that Radiant and Radpie would receive.
It seems more appropriate for such assets to be placed in the innovation zone, with emissions decided by a voting gauge. LRTs could use bribes to increase emissions, similar to Pendle. Please specify when the innovation zone and the voting gauge will launch. Eventually, these types of assets should be transferred to the innovation zone.

We recommend resubmitting after adding the above information