[MIP #28] - Supporting weETH Integration within Radiant Capital


This proposal calls for vlMGP holders to determine Magpie’s voting stance regarding the integration of weETH (Ether.Fi Liquid Restaking Token) as a collateral and borrow market on Ethereum and Arbitrum within Radiant Capital. The vote by vlMGP holders will guide Magpie’s utilization of its significant voting power through Radpie tokens, ensuring that Magpie’s actions are in harmony with the preferences and strategic vision of its stakeholders.


Strategic Influence: This vote allows vlMGP holders to exert considerable influence over key strategic decisions at Radiant, aligning them with Magpie’s long-term objectives. The integration of weETH is expected to enhance liquidity and expand financial options in the DeFi sector, benefiting stakeholders across both platforms.


This proposal calls for a vote among vlMGP holders to decide whether Magpie should use its vlRDP voting power to support the onboarding of weETH by Radiant Capital on Ethereum and Arbitrum.

You can find the Radpie proposal here:

You may read the Radiant Capital original proposal RFP-34 here: