[RIP #2] - Guiding Radpie’s Vote on RDNT Supply Adjustment at Radiant Capital


This proposal seeks to define Radpie’s stance on a pivotal vote at Radiant Capital concerning an increase in RDNT’s total supply. The options under consideration are to advocate for a 50% increase, or to recommend no increase at all. The decision is pivotal as it aims to support Radiant’s strategic expansion across new blockchain ecosystems, thereby enhancing Radpie’s operational scope and potential for revenue generation.


The strategic expansion of Radiant Capital RDNT’s total supply offers multiple advantages that align with Radpie’s long-term vision for growth and innovation:

New Chain Opportunities: Increasing the RDNT supply will support Radiant’s omnichain expansion into active chains, which can significantly boost user engagement and operational footprint, providing fresh avenues for revenue generation.

New Assets & Markets: The upcoming Radiant v3 platform will introduce new collateral types, enhancing the diversity and attractiveness of investment opportunities. This expansion will potentially increase Total Value Locked (TVL) and associated fees collected by Radpie.

Anti-dilution and Reward Distribution: The proposed supply increase will allow for a distribution of 25% of RDNT holdings to current DLP holders over three years, acting as a rebase-like mechanism to protect existing stakeholders from dilution while offering substantial RDNT rewards to Radpie.


This proposal invites vlRDP holders to vote on Radpie’s official position in the upcoming governance decision by Radiant Capital regarding the RDNT supply increase. The options are to support a 50% increase or to maintain the current supply.

The outcome of this vote will dictate how Radpie utilizes its voting power to influence Radiant Capital’s final decision on the RDNT supply increase.

You may read Radiant Capital Official Snapshot RFP-33 here: