[MIP #36] - Support for Radpie’s Proposal to Streamline Revenue Management on Radiant


This proposal seeks to gather votes from vlMGP holders on whether Magpie should support Radpie’s RIP #8. The proposal aims to designate fewer chain-specific default reward assets for a better user experience and reduced gas fees. Feedback from vlMGP holders will guide Magpie’s stance, ensuring alignment with stakeholder interests.


This proposal aims to improve user experience and reduce gas fees by consolidating reward assets into a smaller set of popular blue-chip assets. The consolidation of reward assets into fewer, more popular assets will reduce gas fees and simplify the claiming process, addressing a popular community request. Supporting this proposal aligns with Magpie’s commitment to acting in the best interest of its community.


Vote on whether Magpie should support the designation of fewer chain-specific default reward assets as proposed by Radiant Capital on Radiant’s RFP-38.

Please refer to RFP-38 for more details: