Initiative & Purpose!

Through this governance forum we seek to grow an interactive community of Magpies that is interested in the healthy development of the platform moving forward. Never limit the possibilities, be consistent and committed, everything has a process and here we are sowing seeds in our garden, the fruits will come later as long as we continue to add value and build. Here we go!

Be a team player:

Respect - The most important thing is to always maintain respect among all community members. It’s necessary to be able to analyze situations objectively even if different opinions are shared.

Patience - Let’s keep in mind that development requires time, effort and dedication. Let’s be wise and responsible when considering changes. The health of Magpie must not be compromised and it is necessary to prioritize sustainability in the long term.

Innovate - New opportunities will come as Magpie continues to grow. Let’s keep building to maximize our reach and positively impact communities around the world. We are going step by step, big plans but focused on the next task ahead.

Share - All users are invited to participate in the “Community Ideas” category where they can share ideas and opinions with other members of the community. The goal is to be able to collect different thoughts and perspectives to potentially create a proposal later, let’s increase the value of our ecosystem.

Vote - Users will be able to vote through Snapshot, under each proposal in the forum. All users are encouraged to express their opinions about the proposals. Once a proposal has good sentiment, a snapshot will be created to vote for the proposal.

In the beginning all proposals will be made by the founding team of Magpie. It is important to implement the main elements of the platform, then continue to develop the vision and meet long-term goals.

In the future Magpies will have the opportunity to vote for the most discussed proposals that the community presents.

Let’s work hard and dream Big.

We invite you once again to be part of this journey, building together as a community for a common goal! We count on your collaboration moving forward, thank you Magpies!


#MagpieArmy the best project. :crossed_swords:

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Great seeing this. #MagpieArmy

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