Monthly Magpie Improvement Proposal (MIP) Competition

Hi Magpie Fam,

To be honest, this forum is basically “quiet” (I not saying it’s dead lolz), not much activities since launched.

So, why not trying to make it more energized? Get everyone of us actively participating in contributing the ideas?

Yeah…how about having a monthly MIP competition? But wait…this must be held in a very systematic way, getting everyone to simply open a proposal thread could be annoying as well.

So I suggest to follow the flow below:

1st week: Freely propose your idea with new thread, EVERYONE!

2nd week: Core team filter out those not so valuable/potential/practical/benefit ideas, and whitelisting 3~5 ideas, and pin those thread in forum.

3rd week: Discuss, discuss, and heavily discuss! Remember, not only the Idea Poster will get reward, those contribute valuable thoughts in refinement the idea will be rewarded as well.

4th week: Governance vote! Let’s vote the winner among all ideas, and that will be implemented by the team in future.

Propose Reward System:

Idea Poster: $100
5 Most valueble Thought for idea refinement: Sharing another $100


great idea together all we can help the Magpie improve.

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