About the 1. Welcome / Rules category

This governance forum is established with the objective of cultivating an active and dedicated Penpie community, steadfast in contributing to the platform’s progressive development. It is imperative to embrace the possibilities, maintain consistency, and commitment. Currently, we are in the initial phase of establishing the foundation for our initiatives. As we progress, the favorable results of our diligent efforts will gradually become evident, provided that we remain dedicated to actively seeking avenues for advancement and growth.

Here are some guiding principles for being a team player:

Respect - A top priority is to uphold respect among all community members. An objective analysis of situations, even in the face of contrasting views, should be our approach.

Patience - Acknowledging that development is a process that demands time, effort, and dedication is critical. We should exercise prudence and responsibility when considering changes, ensuring that Penpie’s integrity is not endangered, and long-term sustainability remains our focus.

Innovation - As Penpie continues its growth trajectory, it will open up new opportunities. Our aim should be to capitalize on these, maximizing our outreach and generating a positive impact on global communities. Our approach is incremental, concentrating on immediate tasks without losing sight of the bigger picture.

Collaboration - All users are urged to engage in the “Community Ideas” category, a venue for exchanging ideas and opinions with fellow community members. This initiative is designed to bring together a diverse range of thoughts and ideas that could potentially crystallize into a proposal, thereby enriching our ecosystem.

Participation - Users are provided the facility to vote via Snapshot for each proposal listed in the forum. We encourage everyone to voice their opinions about the proposals. A snapshot will be created for voting once a proposal attracts positive sentiment.

In the initial stages, Penpie’s founding team will spearhead all proposals. It is crucial to first establish the platform’s fundamental elements before we embark on expanding our vision and accomplishing long-term goals.