Increase vlMGP rewards for BUSD main pool

I am a liquidity provider on the BUSD pool and have noticed that vlMGP rewards for the BUSD Main Pool are lower than for USDT and USDC pool. I think currently BUSD is the more secure stablecoin and would be a good idea to increase vlMGP rewards for this pool, thank you.

Lower apr % and lower tvl on BUSD pool.

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Nah m8 :grin: buy some MGP lock it :ok_hand:t3:

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When the voting system arrives we will be able to vote.

Nice makes sense busd is leader

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Agree! Increase vlmgp on busd.

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mWOM weight only 150…
vlMGP weight 240.

Good idea to increase vlMGP emissions for BUSD but also increase MGP emissions for mWOM and vlMGP.

Let’s increase the weight for mWOM, vlMGP and BUSD?

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Increase for mWOM and vlMGP is fair. mWOM too low. @Martybsc


increase mwom weight!


Yes, increase mWOM and vlMGP.

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