About the 1. Welcome / Rules category

This forum is created to foster a robust and enthusiastic Cakepie community, committed to the platform’s ongoing evolution. Embracing opportunities, ensuring consistent effort, and displaying dedication are essential.

Key principles for effective teamwork include:

Respect - Prioritizing respect within the community is fundamental. We should strive for objective analysis in all situations, especially when opinions differ.

Patience - Recognizing that development requires time, effort, and commitment is vital. Careful consideration of changes is necessary to safeguard Cakepie’s integrity and focus on lasting sustainability.

Innovation - As Cakepie grows, it will unveil new prospects. Our goal is to leverage these opportunities, enhancing our reach and positively influencing worldwide communities. We focus on immediate tasks while keeping the broader goals in view.

Collaboration - We encourage everyone to participate in the “Community Ideas” section for idea and opinion exchange. This platform aims to amalgamate diverse perspectives into proposals that enhance our ecosystem.

Participation - Users can vote on proposals in the forum through Snapshot. We invite all members to share their views on these proposals. A vote will be organized once a proposal gains favorable feedback.

Initially, Cakepie’s founding team will lead proposal creation, laying the platform’s groundwork before expanding our vision and achieving long-term objectives.