Use Paladin Quest V2 as Bribes marketplace


Use Paladin Quest V2 as Bribes marketplace


Paladin Quest V2, a powerful tool for optimizing governance incentives (bribes), offers a range of features, including Ranged Quests, which provide unparalleled flexibility in managing incentive campaigns but also ‘geometric bribing,’ allowing to create more strategic and sustainable incentive programs that align with users and project’s goals and interests.

Moreover, Paladin Quest V2 has a proven track record, having distributed over $5 million in incentives and gained trust from various projects in the decentralized ecosystem.

This proposal seeks the team and community’s consideration for the adoption of Paladin Quest V2 as bribes marketplace. Discussions are encouraged to assess the potential benefits and implications of this integration.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or require further information.

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