[RIP #8] - Streamlined Reward Management on Radiant Capital


This proposal seeks approval to designate fewer chain-specific default reward assets into which an increasingly large reward basket can be converted, enhancing the user experience and reducing gas fees on the Radiant Capital platform. This initiative aims to streamline the process of claiming rewards by converting them into a smaller set of popular blue-chip assets.


Radiant Capital has paid out $33.5 million in protocol fees over the past two years. As support for more collaterals is added, especially through the Radiant Innovation Zone (RIZ), the process of claiming rewards becomes cumbersome and less capital-efficient. Users currently face high gas fees and a complex claiming process. This proposal introduces a revenue management feature to auto-convert the pending reward basket into fewer, popular assets, improving UX and reducing costs.


Support the new revenue management feature that consolidates reward assets into fewer chain-specific blue-chip assets to improve user experience and reduce gas fees.

Please refer to RFP-38 for more details: