Consolidation of KSL's Ideas

Well guys I have presented few ideas lately, and I would like to consolidate all of them into this post to ease your reading & comment. All of my ideas is not contradict to each other and could actually integrated together, although the weight adjustment of MGP emission that mentioned inside each post might need to be refined.

  1. Recycle of Accumulated MGP Penalty
    This is where I proposed to fully utilizing all penalty fund into “WOM UP” pool. Main Objective is to Increase veWOM

  2. Introducing of Boosted Yield Concept
    Here I proposed to give vlMGP the power to boost yield in the main pool. This is to create demand for MGP, increase veWOM, and tie LP with Magpie family.

  3. Weekly Magpie Lottery
    I proposed and explained how & why to launch weekly lottery in Magpie. This is to increase veWOM and increase user interaction in Magpie family.

  4. Liquid Stake mWOM token
    A long post to explain how & why we need liquid staking for mWOM. This is to increase veWOM, create demand for mWOM, help to build Magpie Defi ecosystem.

Read all posts and you might get what’s my ambition on Magpie. More ideas coming in, will keep this post updated from time to time.

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For the whole community these are great ideas that all of us should look into detail! More veWOM and more opportunities for mWOM holders, great work.

Thanks, i wish more people can join forum and look into more detail for constructive discussion. Currently i can see only very few users active in forum, kinda demotivated me.

My ideas are not always correct, logical and doable, hence welcome all the comments joining me to refine all the ideas. Thanks.

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Thank you for your support @ksl great ideas there are many possibilities, looking forward to see how Magpie continues evolving and implementing innovative suggestions.