[MIP #26] - Voting Guidance on Cakepie Proposal to Redirect CAKE Emissions

Voting Guidance on Cakepie Proposal to Redirect CAKE Emissions


This proposal seeks to establish the position of vlMGP holders on the Cakepie CIP#3 proposal, which suggests redirecting CAKE emissions on PancakeSwap to various locker protocols. As a significant holder of vote-locked tokens in Cakepie (vlCKP), Magpie’s influence on Cakepie’s governance decisions is substantial. The primary goal of this vote is to consult vlMGP holders on whether to support or oppose this redirection aimed at enhancing CAKE incentive efficiency without increasing overall emissions.


The redirection of CAKE emissions proposed by PancakeSwap is designed to bolster the veCAKE ecosystem by strategically utilizing CAKE for bribes in high-volume pools, thereby enhancing capital efficiency and liquidity. This proposal aligns with the strategic vision of fostering robust and efficient market operations within the ecosystem. By consulting vlMGP holders, we ensure that the governance actions reflect the collective preference, fostering transparency and stakeholder engagement in pivotal decisions.


Guidance on voting on Cakepie Improvement Proposal #3 regarding the redirection of CAKE emissions on PancakeSwap.

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