[CIP #3] - Endorsement of Pancakeswap Proposal to Redirect CAKE Emissions

Endorsement of Pancakeswap Proposal to Redirect CAKE Emissions


The proposal aims to gather the consensus of vlCKP holders regarding the Pancakeswap initiative to redirect a portion of CAKE emissions to locker protocols. This strategy is intended to improve the efficiency of CAKE incentives by using it for bribes in strategic liquidity pools, thereby enhancing the utility and volume without increasing total emissions.


The Pancakeswap proposal suggests a focused redirection of CAKE emissions to support the veCAKE locker ecosystem, specifically targeting high-volume and revenue-driving pools such as BNB-USDT, USDT-USDC, BTC-USDT, BNB-ETH, and ETH-USDT. This initiative proposes to reduce CAKE emissions to farming pools by 500 CAKE per day and reallocate these to strategic bribe initiatives. The success of this reallocation will be evaluated based on the increased volume, TVL, and capital efficiency of the pools involved, with the potential for further adjustments based on these metrics. Endorsing this proposal aligns with strategic initiatives to optimize resource utilization and enhance stakeholder value within the broader ecosystem.


Vote to redirect 500 daily CAKE emissions to locker protocols for strategic bribe purposes.

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