PROPOSALS : Auto-Compounding cake rewards // Penalty for late voters

Hello guys,

I’ve come up with 2 proposals that could be applied to every Magpie SubDAOs but let’s start with Cakepie.

Let’s debate about this :


Automatic compound CAKE rewards in mCake and mCake Stability vault :

If mCake price < Cake price = Swap Cake rewards for mCake using Pancakeswap
If mCake price > Cake price = Convert Cake rewards for mCake using Cakepie converter
All the rewards (mcake vault + stability vault) are compounded into the Stability vault.

fees : 2% :

  • It pays the smartcontract gas fees
  • The leftovers are send into the Stability vault to enhance it’s APR.

Cut cost for users
Better APY for users
Help the 1:1 peg


10% penalty for late voters on the bribe market

Every time that you cast your vote on the bribe market, you have a 10% penalty on your rewards.
The penalty is up for 12 hours. Every hours the penalty go down and after 12 hours it’s totally gone.
This penalty doesn’t apply to bribes added 12 hours or less before the epoch’s end.

Why : to prevent CKP whales and bots to reshape the bribe market at the last minute

The collected penalties are given back to users without penalty.