[PIP #4] – Decrease the overall emission of PNP tokens

Decrease the overall emission of PNP tokens.


Penpie operates as a yield-boosting platform that enhances yield and veTokenomics on top of Pendle Finance across multiple chains, including Ethereum, Arbitrum, BNB Chain, and OP Mainnet. Its governance model and profit-sharing are facilitated through the native PNP token, which can be locked as vlPNP to earn a share of the platform’s revenue and control voting rights, allowing holders to impact governance and benefit from income streams. To support the increasing value of PNP moving forward, this proposal suggests reducing its emission rate on all chains.


The PNP token plays a vital role within the Penpie ecosystem, offering holders significant advantages through its lock-in mechanism as vlPNP. Our objective is to enhance the value and scarcity of PNP by implementing a lowered emission rate. This strategic adjustment aligns with the long-term vision of Penpie, ensuring that PNP remains an appealing investment opportunity. By supporting the token’s lasting value and durability, we enable the community to play an active role in shaping the growth of our platform.


Decrease the overall PNP emissions from 0.01857136816/sec to 0.01485709453/sec