[MIP #27] - Launching Listapie, a New Magpie SubDAO

Launching Listapie, a New Magpie SubDAO


This proposal seeks the approval of vlMGP holders to establish Listapie, a new SubDAO under Magpie, focused on optimizing governance and yields within the DeFi ecosystem. By initiating this SubDAO, Magpie will secure 20% of Listapie’s tokens, which will be vested over two years and locked into Magpie’s treasury. This initiative is designed to enhance the vlMGP SubDAO rewards, increasing the underlying value of the MGP token.


The creation of Listapie represents a strategic expansion in Magpie’s portfolio, enhancing the DeFi ecosystem through focused improvements in liquid staking and CDP services.

This new SubDAO is set to:

  • Enhance passive income opportunities for participants in both Lista and Listapie by simplifying the collective management of assets.
  • Improve governance participation within ListaDAO by increasing the voting power and rewards available to its participants.
  • Foster long-term stability and growth within the ListaDAO by strategically managing assets within the ecosystem.

This approach aligns with Magpie’s ongoing strategy to diversify and strengthen its SubDAO portfolio, ensuring sustainable growth and increased profitability for the broader ecosystem.


Seek approval from vlMGP holders to launch Listapie, a new Magpie SubDAO, designed to increase the underlying value of MGP through enhanced governance capabilities and strategic asset management in the Lista ecosystem.