[MIP #24] Adjust the MGP Token Allocation to Support Ecosystem Growth


This proposal seeks to reallocate the MGP token distribution percentages to foster the sustainable growth of the Magpie ecosystem. The adjustments are proposed in five key areas: liquidity mining, strategic investor allocation, liquidity and exchanges, ecosystem development, and the community treasury. The primary objective is to enhance the ecosystem’s robustness, attract strategic investors, and increase community engagement by optimizing token allocation to better meet the ecosystem’s current needs and future aspirations.


Thanks to Magpie’s strategic management resulting in a low MGP emission rate, the original 45% allocation for liquidity mining is now excessive. The proposed adjustments are designed to reallocate resources from liquidity mining, which has been deemed overly generous, towards areas that will contribute more significantly to the ecosystem’s growth and resilience. This reallocation will allow for:

  • Enhanced strategic investments, enabling the ecosystem to capitalize on new opportunities and partnerships.

  • Increased liquidity and exchange presence, improving market accessibility and stability.

  • Expanded ecosystem development initiatives and partnerships.

  • An even more substantial community treasury, ensuring the community has significant resources to support future projects and governance activities.


This strategic reallocation is expected to catalyze development, attract investment, and enhance community engagement in governance and ecosystem initiatives.

  • Liquidity Mining: Reduce from 45% to 11%
  • Strategic Investor: Increase from 5% to 15%
  • Liquidity and Exchanges: Increase from 1.1% to 6.1%
  • Ecosystem: Double from 9% to 18%
  • Community Treasury: Double from 10% to 20%