Convert dust rewards into MGP-CKP-PNP

My proposal goal is to reduce the amount of assets sleeping in the smartcontracts vaults.

As this option is less cost efficient on-chain than on a CEX like Binance, Magpie’s users and subDAO’s users would allow the smartcontract to swap their dust rewards once this operation is only profitable for the smartcontract.

exemple :
User 1 ask the smartcontract to convert its dust rewards.
smartcontract wait for more users to ask for a rewards swap.
when all the condition are meeted the smartcontract swap the dust rewards for mgp or another magpie token.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to claim your rewards in one go? without having to pay huge fees?

*SUM up in french my native langage : *
l’idée c’est de convertir les petites recompenses du staking en un seul token suivant la plateforme magpie qu’on utilise. cela afin d’eviter des frais inutiles ou des tokens qui restent sur les smartcontracts parce qu’il est plus couteux de les retirer que de ne rien faire avec.

Hey GoddessDefi, thank you for sharing your proposal on optimizing dust rewards.

After an internal discussion with the team, we recognize the potential benefits of your suggestion. Our current roadmap, filled with pressing priorities, means we must carefully balance our focus and human resources. However, your proposal has sparked interest and is earmarked for future consideration.

Your willingness to contribute ideas is invaluable to us, and we’re eager for more insights from you. Thank you once again for your thoughtful contribution!

The Magpie Team